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Eating out in Poland

We will never forget one of our clients saying that in his regular restaurant in the Old Town in Warsaw from the summer of 2004 he noticed a substantial increase in foreign tourists. We were talking and wondering what had changed and of course the reason was Poland's entry into the EU. This had convinced people in Western Europe that EU hygiene standards implemented in Polish cuisine processes were a guarantee of food safety and high hygienic standards. So a lot of the sceptical visitors to Poland decided to come to Poland and dine out when sightseeing, and not to remain in their 5 star hotels for lunch and dinner. It took an important event such as accession to the EU to convince some people that eating out in Poland was safe! But strict hygiene regulations had been in force long before any EU accession and barring the few accidents which occur everywhere around the world nothing extraordinarily dangerous to public safety has happened here in Poland. Look at the records and statistics. Poland is clean. It is true that perhaps some small dining places in those kiosks on the streets might not look spotless, but would you take a guest to this country to one of these places? If there are any problems or complaints concerning these types of establishments they are quickly closed down. Apart from a very few known only to the locals not many of these places are very good and rather to be avoided as in other countries as well.

To sum up - apart from marginal problems, as can be found across Europe, Polish food services are safe, with hygiene at EU standards, as they had been before accession. And we can add to this the fact that Polish cuisine is one of the most delicious in Europe!

The only thing you might have problems with is overeating. We would like to invite you to taste all our Polish dishes, our specialties and varieties of produce, but in moderation. A sin is to dine in fast-food chain bars whilst travelling in Poland instead of enjoying Polish cuisine. Poland is one of the last European countries where most of the fruits and vegetables, meats and or bakery products are based on naturally produced raw materials which are not highly industrialised in their production or contain pesticides. Small farming on a large scale is prevalent in Poland. Most of these farms in Poland are small and more ecologically conscious. On one hand it may be difficult to run as a profitable concern on the other the quality and taste of the produce is better. When dining out at good restaurants you will be able to experience this quality and taste, real butter, the freshness and colour of the eggs, the unforgettable taste of fresh, homemade bread and all the carefully produced meats. These products might appear a little more expensive but remember you are eating out in high quality restaurants and you are shopping in good shops - so enjoy the taste of good Polish food whilst here. You won't find it anywhere else!

To fulfil your trip to Poland, to make it complete, you have to try our Polish specialties. It is said that Polish cuisine can be rather heavy, rather calorific. This is true if you eat too much! As there is such a variety we are sure that you will find lighter meals to suit your taste. In fact you have to try everything but in moderation. Summer soups and salads are highly recommended. Poland is going through a bit of a culinary revolution at the moment and you will find classic dishes with new cuisine in many restaurants. There are many establishments still which serve only hearty Polish cooking. You will be surprised by the diversity in modern Poland; we have much to offer visitors. Leaving Poland without trying pierogi, bigos, Polish homemade bread with lard, traditional soups, chlodnik, pickled cucumbers or pickled cabbage and much, much more is like being in Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower!

Any change in your everyday eating habits may upset your stomach. If the symptoms are light take some general medication for this problem. If they develop into something more serious see a doctor. Please refer to our health section.

Last update May 2009